Ways to get involved

All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application.

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Campus and City Orientation

Arlington_Articles Park Gateway

Will you be the first US American to greet an international student upon his or her arrival? Take the chance to make a great first impression! Help them get oriented with the campus and city.

Connect with a new student


Very few students have cars available to them. Many walk, bike or take the bus if they need to travel a distance to the grocery store or elsewhere.

Meet a practical need and get to know an international student!

Provide Transportation

Adopt a Student

Do you want to get to know an international student better? Meet one or two internationals to share in typical life activities. Partners keep in touch weekly and get together at least once a month. Include your partner(s) in special events, or show them around the city and area.

Connect to a Student

Bible Discussion Groups

Bible Study_Small Group

Enjoy food, fun, and fellowship while helping students learn about God from the Bible. Many students are eager to learn about Jesus, life issues and worldviews.


Thanksgiving Hosting

Add some international flavor to your holiday celebration by inviting some international students to share your holiday meal with you, your family and/or your friends!